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Indeed began its partnership with Dale Carnegie in 2013, and we’re proud to have played a small part in Indeed’s growth over the years. Indeed selects the most relevant programs to meet its team members’ needs in Sales and Client Services, and these programs are shown below.

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Resolving Client Objections

  • Apply a win-win process to resolve objections
  • Identify points of agreement to lower buyer resistance
  • Respond to your five most common objections with confidence


Working with Difficult Clients

  • Deal with the emotional and practical aspects of handling difficult clients
  • Apply methods to reduce stress when dealing with difficult clients
  • Implement a consistent process to resolve complaints
  • Reduce the number of type of difficult clients we interact with


Manage and Exceed Client Expectations

  • Determine the expectations of our clients
  • Manage client expectations in order to exceed them
  • Utilize a client expectations management process


Build Trust and Credibility with Clients

  • Discover actions which increase perceived trustworthiness and credibility
  • Articulate the credibility of Indeed to be an appropriate business partner
  • Use Fact-Benefit-Application to describe core aspects of Indeed’s solution in an impactful way


Asking Clients Consultative Questions

  • Increase credibility through consultative conversations
  • Create power questions to get the information needed from clients
  • Position Indeed to fulfill all of the client’s needs, not just the obvious immediate needs


Diplomatic Client Communication

  • Respond to difficult situations in a confident, diplomatic, and tactful way
  • Give and receive feedback without eliciting negative emotions
  • Disagree with others in a diplomatic and agreeable way


Coaching Salespeople for Success
  • Create an environment where team members are open to coaching
  • Apply coaching methodologies to help improve the performance of their
    sales team
  • Enhance their skills coaching for specific Indeed sales approaches,
    including Fact-Benefit-Application, Cold Calling, Resolving Objections,
    and Consultative Questioning
  • Increase the revenue of their sales team, by helping each member perform his/her role at a higher level


Senior Sales Edge

  • Transfer skills gained in a phone sales environment into a face-to-face
  • Apply a process for running credible, effective face-to-face sales meetings
  • Effectively negotiate win-win arrangements between Indeed and its clients


Presentation Skills (1 Day)

  • Present more impactfully to clients and colleagues
  • Build rapport with their listeners
  • Use stories as a way of engaging groups
  • Display credibility when presenting
  • Explain complex information easily


Sales Edge (2 Day)

  • Develop business consulting skills
  • Be a problem solver not a product pusher
  • Have an authentic selling approach to truly help clients
  • Communicate solutions powerfully
  • Negotiate with clients for win-win outcomes


Sales Excellence (2 Day)

  • Practice methods to uncover and appeal to different buyer interests
  • Create power questions to get the information needed from buyers
  • Widen the buyer expectation gap to create interest


High Impact Business Presentations (2 day)

  • Plan and organize professional presentations
  • Create and maintain positive impressions
  • Be more natural and relaxed when presenting
  • Communicate ideas with clarity and force
  • Sell ideas and inspire others



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