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Being in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment is a critical factor in adult learning and development. At Dale Carnegie Training, we take great care to ensure that all participants of our courses and seminars are able to fully take advantage of the experience.

We go the extra mile to create the right atmosphere for people to stay motivated, to be engaged, to learn and to grow. We do this by thinking about every detail -- from the comfort of our chairs, to the temperature of the hot coffee, to the time devoted for personalized attention by our expert training team, to the vast offerings of our accredited programs. That's because our genuine interest is in supporting you.

"You can make more friends in two months by showing genuine interest in others, than in two years trying to get others interested in you." -- Dale Carnegie
Classroom Theater & Conference Room


Our Classroom A

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Classroom B

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Our Break Room

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Dale Carnegie of New York City offers workplace training, including sales training, public speaking & executive leadership & management programs across NYC. Additional training programs include, communication training & customer service training.
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